Our Story

Lavish Tan™ was founded in 2005, when every solution on the market was totally orange and smelled awful. I worked at a high-end salon in Beverly Hills throughout college where my spray tan career began. Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan and so many other celebrities who were clients of the salon were paying $250+ per spray tan and looked totally orange! I thought, "If people are spending so much money and still can't get a good spray tan, where can you get one?" I realized the problem was the solution. This is when my quest to create the perfect solution began.

The idea came from the oxidization process of a banana. You leave a banana on the counter, it turns brown over time. Why not replace the orange ingredient, the beta carotene, with something that's brown? I took this idea to a cosmetic chemist I found through Linkedin, who was previously employed by Neutragena, worked side-by-side with him for 9 months and eventually created Lavish Tan™ Signature Solution in 2010. In the end, the banana idea didn't work, but the oxidization of an apple worked! The color of our solution is naturally brown, customizable, and also smells AMAZING!

We currently work with over 3800 salons across U.S., Canada, UK, Mexico & Sweden. We would love the opportunity to work with your business as well!

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