How Do I Use Lavish Tan Solution?

Finally, one solution for all skin tones! This allows you, as a business owner, to save not only time between clients but money as well. The darkness level is determined by how much solution the skin is absorbing. If the color is initially applied dark on the skin, it will develop dark. If it is applied using either a lighter gun setting or less layers, the color will develop lighter. Basically, what you see instantly appear on the skin is what the final color will be after the first shower. You will not have to switch your gun cups between clients and you do not have to have worry about obtaining 3 different DHA% solutions in stock. For VERY dark complexed clients who may desire a darker color we suggest adding 5-7 DARK DROPS to each 2 oz cup of Lavish Tan solution. Try a free sample and read more about our solution by clicking here!

How Many Hours Does It Take For The Tan To Process?

For light to medium tans, allow 5-7 hours before showering. For darker tans, we recommend waiting 7-8 hours before showering. For Express Solution, allow 2-4 hours for light to medium tans and 3-4 hours for darker shades. We do not recommend using Express Solution to achieve extremely dark shades.

When Do I need To Use Dark Drops?

Dark drops should only be added to Lavish Tan solution if you're tanning someone with extremely dark skin tones. If you have a client with light to medium dark skin tones you can layer Lavish Tan solution to achieve a darker color. 

What is the shelf life of Lavish Tan solution? 

Always store Lavish Tan solution in a cool, room temperature darker space. No not expose to extreme heat or direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Lavish Tan solution has a 8-10 month shelf life when properly stored. 

Why Is Your HVLP Tanning Machine Recommended Over Other Machines?

The HVLP Airbrush Spray Tan Machine that is available for sale on our website is the newer model of the machine that we use in our salon. After testing many different machines in our salon, this is the machine that we have used it our salon for over 6 years and have never had any issues with the original machine we have purchased! The machine is very simple to use and is extremely easy to learn how to tan with. It is very light weight, which is great if you ever need to take your machine on location. The extra cup that comes with the machine is great for having solution ready for each client as they walk in. The best part about this machine is the consistency of the spray that comes out in a circular pattern, which will ensure even non-streaky results. We recommend that you set your gun setting at a diagonal position, instead of a horizontal or vertical position. Along with applying an even tan this machine also produces minimal overspray. We highly recommend this machine to anyone who is looking to start airbrush tanning!

If I am Starting An Airbrush Tanning Business, What Do You Recommend That I Purchase?

Aibrush tanning is one of the most lucrative businesses that you can start! Airbrush tanning has extremely low overhead & startup costs. If you're looking to start your business and are not sure what you will need, we have made the process extremely easy with our 3 different startup packages. If you're looking to just get started with the basics before you open your business, we recommend that you start with our Silver Package. If you will be starting your business right away and want to have all of the supplies & promotional material that you will need for clients, we recommend that you start with our Gold Package. If you already have an established salon, or are looking to optimize your sales for you new business by offering your clients the best retail products available for their Lavish Tan, we recommend that you start with our Platinum Package

If I Purchase Lavish Tan Products & Equipment, Can I Rely On Lavish Tan To Help Me Start My Business?

We will be happy to get you started with the products & equipment that you need to start your business and answer any questions that you have about our products that you can not find on our website! We have great customer service and we are always here to help our customers. Please keep in mind that we are a supplier of products and as much as we would like to, we do not have unlimited time to help consult business owners. If you're looking to get in depth assistance with Lavish Tan Products & Equipment, or if you have specific questions about starting a tanning business we would suggest a training course. We work with a partner company who offers a variety of spray tan training courses using Lavish Tan solution and equipment. Please visit for details.

What Type Of Ventilation Do You Recommend For My Spray Room?

We recommend that you use natural ventilation if possible, such as opening a window in the room that you will be airbrush tanning in. If you do not have a window in your spray room, we recommend that you use a box fan. 

How Much Solution Should I Apply Per Tan?

The amount of solution that you will use per person will depend on many factors, such as: desired color level, body type & the amount of overspray your machine may produce. On average when using the Lavish Tan machine & solution approximately 2oz of solution will be used per client. 

Can Pregnant Women Use Lavish Tan Solution?

We always recommend that pregnant women consult their doctor before using Lavish Tan solution, however, over the past 8 years we have never had a doctor advise against using Lavish Tan solution.

What Airbrush Tanning Positions Do You Recommend?

There is no specific way that you need to position your client, but here are some examples to help you figure out what works best for you!

Organic Airbrush Spray Tanning Positions Diagram Chart Client Poses Examples 


Do I use a barrier cream? How do I tan the hands and feet?

Barrier cream is just a thick, oil based lotion. You can use a barrier cream on the hands and feet to ensure color will not over develop in those areas. Always apply less solution to those areas. These are dry parts of the body and the color develops faster, so less solution is recommended. 

Why does the solution look speckled during application?

If a solution appears "speckled" when applied this means that the air volume of the machine is set too low for the consistency of the solution.  Turning your air pressure higher will increase the viscosity the machine needs to push the spray tan particles out in a much finer mist, for a smooth application. In summary, simply adjust the machine to the highest airflow and adjust the gun to a lower, tighter spray setting. This will 100% fix any speckling. 

Keep in mind, all spray tans are a "rougher" version of what the final result of the tan will be post shower, since what you immediately see when applying the bronzing makeup, not the fully developed spray tan. 

Should I spray tan someone if they self tanned or have a previous spray tan on? 

NO! Do not ever spray anyone who has a previous spray tan on or used self tanner. If you spray on top of self tanner or any DHA the color will appear orange and will fade very uneven a day or so later. Be sure all clients exfoliate thoroughly before their appointment. 

Can Lavish Tan solution be customized for a very dark result?

Yes! Be sure to apply a generous amount of solution, approximately 2oz, per client. Allow 8 hours before rinsing. The color may appear slightly lighter after rinsing but will continue to darken the follow 12 hours. You can also add 5-7 dark drops to 2oz of solution for an extremely dark color restyle (15% DHA level). 

What makes a spray tan fade unevenly?

An uneven fade of a spray tan can be due to several different factors. Weather can affect your skin many ways. Dry weather can cause an uneven fade if you are not moisturizing regularly. Humiduty may result in a faster fade of a tan. Hormones also greatly affect the results of a tan. A females PH balance fluctuates throughout the month and your skin may become more oily or dry. This can sometimes be the reason for inconsistent results.

How can I tell if Lavish Tan solution has expired?

You can tell if Lavish Tan solution has expired if it has a green tint to it. You can always spray a test spot on yourself as well, if it has expired, it will not hold color.


Purified de-mineralized water, certified organic aloe barbadenis extract, eco-certified dihydroxyacetone, carmalized sugar, witch hazel, caramel citral, almond extract, cranberry seed extract, vanilla planiflora, backhousia citriodora, vitamin E & vitamin C. Following ingredients represent less than 1% of the total formula: Phenethyl alcohol, caprtlyl glycol, D&C, Green 5, Yellow 5 & 6